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About Me

Hello, my name is Lura Longmire and I am the owner and founder of Luralu's Dark Bark: A Healthier Craving. A few years ago I was diagnosed with numerous spinal issues. After my disability was diagnosed, I felt sad and lost. I thought I could never be a true person of purpose, a person who makes their mark on the world, if I couldn't work. But I couldn't just give up, I had to persevere, I HAD to do something! So earlier this year, I grew tired of being guilty for my candy cravings. I realized that while other were brands advertising a "healthy candy", when you looked at the ingredients they were not. They were filled with things like high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils. Many of my friends and acquaintances would tell me they wished they could find something that would cure their sweet cravings while still allowing them to live a healthy lifestyle.
I created my confection with this in mind. I make a dark chocolate candy known as "bark". This simply means that the chocolate is melted down and then hardened to create a snap-able product. The bark is made from the finest dark chocolate with a 65% cacao, natural granola, roasted pistachios, dried cranberries, and dried apricots. I hope to not only bring a healthier candy choice to the masses, but I will bring something greater....happiness. Maybe not the kind that will last forever, but the kind that gives you that moment of pure joy, perhaps even a memory of something wonderful when you take that bite. So try a bag and share the happiness of a tasty, healthy treat with your family and friends!

All my best,
Lura Longmire

About My Chocolate

It’s very important to me that I not only use the best quality ingredients to make my Bark, but also that the suppliers of those companies are operating under fair trade and sustainability standards. So, where does my cacao come from?

Barry Callebaut
Barry Callebaut is one of the largest cacao and chocolate manufacturers in the world! Their main headquarters is located in Zurich, Switzerland with over 9000 employees worldwide. Not only that, but Barry Callebaut has trained over 70,000 cacao farmers with sustainable ways to farm. To address the challenges faced by smallholder cocoa farmers, they have embedded cocoa sustainability in their business strategy. They are active on the ground and align with industry peers to improve yields and livelihoods. Sustainability and fair trade are very important to the company and they even have a sustainability department! Barry Callebaut's Biolands organization works directly with cocoa farmers to produce certified cocoa and support cocoa communities as well as having HORIZONS, a chocolate or cocoa product sold by Barry Callebaut, which supports their cocoa sustainability activities. Everything the Barry Callebaut Group does has deep and strong roots in the company's five core values - customer focus, passion, entrepreneurship, team spirit and integrity. These are visible in every part of the chain of activity - from the sourcing of raw materials to the fulfillment of their responsibility towards all stakeholders.

Not only is sustainability and fair-trade important, the effects on the environment from manufacturing on a large scale is important as well. Barry Callebaut is dedicated to manufacturing their chocolate from an environmentally safe value chain. In order to achieve this they focus on: Saving energy in factories, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, optimizing water use, and by reducing waste. They even created a way to roast their cacao without ANY oils or gases. They simply burn the shells rather than throwing them away, which are generally considered waste, to create natural steam to roast the cacao. They even then use the ashes to fertilize the soil on their farms!! All the efforts and ideas they utilize really are amazing and they make sure to not waste a thing.

I encourage you to visit their website to learn more about their methods, policies, and even employees! https://www.barry-callebaut.com/